4K HEVC MKV on iPad Air 2?


ich just migrated my home cinema to 4K capability (tv, av receiver, wlan router). On my iPhone 8 Infuse plays my 4K testvideo without problems. It works even on wifi streamed from my Synology NAS.

But on my iPad Air 2 it doesn‘t work even if I put the file on the device in infuse‘s storage.

Is the iPad Air 2 too slow or is it an Infuse issue? I have the latest Infuse pro. Will buying the current iPad (not the pro one) make any difference?

Thanks in advance.

Bye The_Unknown

You say it doesn’t work, what happens when you try? Do you get an error message, does the app just quit, spinning wheel, etc.?

Sometimes spinning wheel and very stuttering video :slight_smile:

Your iPad won’t play it since it doesn’t support HEVC. The iPad doesn’t support HEVC either, but the new iPad Pro’s do.

Mhm, are you sure? What do you mean by “supports” (hardware or software)? Is there a table where I can see which iOS device supports hevc?

On the website https://addpipe.com/blog/heif-hevc-ios-11-quick-overview/ you can read that it’s a combination of iOS 11 and at least an A9 processor (which is in the current “normal” iPad). Is that wrong?

Luckily I have an A9 in my phone (iPhone 6S Plus), so I tested out my 4K HEVC HDR rip of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and it seemed to play fine for 20 seconds, so the iPad might be able to work. I would though recommend the iPad Pro since it has a much better CPU, it supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision and it has a 120Hz ProMotion screen, while the iPad doesn’t support HDR10 or Dolby Vision so it would be a HDR to SDR conversion that’s not entirely accurate.

The iPad Air 2 includes Apple’s A8X chip, which unfortunately does not support hardware decoding of HEVC videos. Hardware decoding allows for much more efficient processing of videos.

In our tests, many 1080p HEVC videos are able to play just fine on A8 and A8X devices, but anything that is 4K will not play well.

And did you also test the new iPad 2017 (non-pro)?

Yes, the 2017 ‘regular’ iPad includes an A9 chip which will support 4K HEVC.

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