4K HEVC HDR buffering constantly on Apple TV 4K

Hi I was having issues with native Emby on Apple TV so purchased infuse 6 pro.

I have an nvidia shield attached to the same TV which plays the same file seamlessly.

When looking on Emby it says infuse is direct playing (same as shield) but one buffers, one doesn’t.

I have tried using WiFi and Ethernet same result vs. Seemless either way on shield.

I really want to use this great app, but it’s no better than the standard Emby one so far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you try doing a speed test on the file?
Settings > Shares > (select share to test) > Speed Test

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Thanks for your reply @munpip214 , doing now. At the moment the current average speed is 4.2mbps

Edit: I have a feeling this will take a while- 3.73% done

Average speed 4.41Mbps
Current speed: 5.73Mbps
Minimum speed: 0.82Mbps

I understand all of the numbers etc… Just dont understand the relevance or if this equates to an issue or not.


You don’t need to do it for the full file. Seems like something is majorly broken with your connection. You need 100+mbps for streaming. Try speed test for both WiFi and Ethernet. Maybe try different Ethernet cables. If your shield is working, how is it connected? Also try another file too

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Thanks for shedding some light on the issue @munpip214

On WiFi its very similar speeds.

The Ethernet lead is the one I used to used for shield but just switch it over once I got ATV.

The shield is now on Wifi and still plays smooth

Edit: Also for further information, trying other files yields similar results. Furthermore 720p and 1080p seem to play ok. It is mainly 4K and HEVC which are the issue for me… not sure why!

Is this 4K Apple TV or 4th gen?

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4K :slight_smile:

Have you tried restarting it?

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Those speeds are pretty terrible if they’re accurate. I average about 400Mbps from wifi infuse to my synology NAS running emby. Is the device hosting emby connected via Ethernet or wifi?

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What protocol are you using? SMB, FTP, DLNA, Etc

If SMB what version? SMB1, 2, 3, Legacy?

On the atv settings, under background app refresh if it’s on could you turn off all apps other than Infuse?

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It’s a server connected via Ethernet to a mesh point @JarvisMeier

@munpip214 in hope it was a software bug I just updated to the next TVOS beta. No such luck. Just playing 1080 wandavision no problem at all. So weird.

Will try background refresh setting, with regard to the rest, I didnt knowingly set any I just signed in through Emby API @NC_Bullseye

What version number of Infuse? What tvOS beta number?

I downloaded infuse today, so the latest? - Also, beta iOS 14.5 (public) @NC_Bullseye

I’d hold off on any major changes at least until Infuse 6.6.X is released since the tvOS beta has introduced issues.

Infuse has some fixes to be more compatible with 14.5.

Thank you. I had the issue before and after the update. I was just trying to eliminate variables. Not sure if I’ll ever get to the bottom of it.

If you are able to play some files but not others it sounds more like it is file specific. Can you try speed test on a few other things and see? 4mbps is too slow for anything. 4K ATV should have the power to play anything.

I’ll check it out. Thanks again @munpip214

You could also try resetting your mesh points. The proper way to connect things in a network where throughput matters is having all servers hardwired via Ethernet to either your router or a network switch connected to your router. Wifi should only be used to connect your end points/clients.