4K (HEVC H.265) not rendering

Newb to this topic.

I used Handbrake to encode a 4K UHD BD to a compressed HEVC H.265 .MKV / .M4V, using the latest build of Handbrake and the Apple TV 4K preset.

The result is a ~6GB file which plays well on my Mac, through VLC, QuickTime and iTunes, and both an MKV and M4V/MP4 of the file plays just fine.

I cannot get the file to render on Apple TV 4K. I’ve tried both the MKV and M4V and while Infuse (latest version) plays the audio just fine, the screen is a solid green.

Anyone else have this problem? Any fixes?

Post the output of the file from mediainfo. It’ll help diagnose the issue.

Sure thing! Thanks.


cliffhanger4k.txt (6.5 KB)

p.s. attempts to play the file in iOS crashes the app.

What’s the second video stream? I’m wondering if that’s what’s crashing it?

Just the chapter artwork screenshots, as generated in Subler, upon initial Metadata editing/tagging of the MP4/M4V. I then created the MKV with MKVtoolnix from that file, so it carried the metadata over.

I have these in all of my movies, though, and no problems with anything 1080p and less…

Okay, removing the 2nd “Video Stream” out of the file. Updated MKV - updated MediaInfo Export file and screenshot attached.

Same result: crashes in iOS and now I’m getting only audio and no video whatsoever - not even green screen, just blackness.

p.s. I still get green screen / flickering green screen on the MP4/M4V file, though…

cliffhanger_1993_4k.txt (5.8 KB)

Thanks for sending in a sample.

We’ll take a deeper look and see if we can track down what is causing this.

Thanks again for sending in this file!

Unfortunately, it looks like the HW decoder on iOS/tvOS does not like this particular file, and this same issue can be seen in other apps that utilize the HW decoder. This is likely due to it being an 8-bit video with a BT.2020 color profile. To allow for HDR, the video really should be encoded in 10-bit.

Fortunately, as of 1.1, Handbrake does support 10-bit, but it will need to be selected manually after choosing the Apple TV 4K preset. See attached.

A quick test here shows that using Handbrake to re-encode the original Cliffhanger 4K source video into one using the Apple TV 4K preset (with 10-bit manually selected) does seem to work as expected in Infuse.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, so much! I will attempt a re-rip and report back.

I’m all so having the same issue. I’ll try the settings posted above and report my results as well. thanks,

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