Sorry, having some trouble making sample from my 4K files…i keep trying.
In the meanwhile, here are some screenshots to illustrate. On is the standart 1080p, the other the 4K HDR version.
Just checked my 4K file with Mediainfo and it says BT.2020 matrix coefficients ; so i think it’s really a native HDR version.

http://www.imageshotel.org/images/gagaktom/dsc0067.jpg => 1080p version
http://www.imageshotel.org/images/gagaktom/dsc0068.jpg => 4K HDR version

Sorry for the bad quality, i’m not an expert…

All my other files, including my 4K SDR files (which are converted from the HDR version plays fine with normal black/contrast level)


Just uploaded a sample ; tried on my laptop and on my smart TV, it just play fine without being to dark
So i really thing there is an issue with the latest 5.6 update !?


i’ve a terrible color problem with fire and explosions on some movies, look at the attachments, this is MAD MAX 2160P HDR MKV (the one with the time mark is apple tv 4k + infuse) the other one is the same file playing directly from USB

This seems odd. So I am going to ask some very stupid questions:

  • which version of Infuse are you using? (Infuse before 5.6 did not handle HDR colors properly). If you have turned off automatic app updates on your Apple TV, you might be using an older version of Infuse.
  • Is your Apple TV 4K set up to output HDR or Dolby Vision?
  • do you have an HDMI 2.0 cable?
  • in the Apple TV’s video output settings, is chroma subsampling set to 4.2.0 (safer) or 4.2.2?
  • do you have any color-enhancing setting enabled on your TV (such as Samsung’s HDR+)? On my (Philips)TV, some video settings can be set differently for each source/HDMI input. So you might have to check those when playing your file via the 2 different sources (also note that some settings only apply to HDR or SDR content, which is why actually playing the file is important)
    -what is the brand/model of your TV?

i’m using infuse 5.6.1, also this not happen if i play the movie on the USB player, or with itunes purchases
apple tv is set to 4K HDR 4:2:2 (also try 4:2:0 and SDR but infuse keeps showing red fire)
my tv is a samsung ju6500, all post processing and “enhanced color” features are turned off

this is a infuse color reading issue i’ve more screenshots for you to see, look at batman v superman mkv

It looks like your TV is not HDR capable (although it has a 10-bit screen), which is more than common for a TV released in 2015.
(I have a friend with a non-HDR TV and he still had the possibility of choosing HDR in the Apple TV’s video settings).

So the correct setting for your Apple TV’s video output is probably SDR.
Even with this, Infuse has to process the HDR video into SDR, and I understand they will tweak this in future releases.
This is brand new and came with Infuse 5.6. It also looks sub-optimal for me if with Infuse 5.6.1 if I set my Apple Tv’s output to SDR.

The same video with Infuse 5.5.5 looks closer to the real thing, but it is also off, with washed out colors, since that is HDR video processed as if it was SDR.
This is probably the same os what you see when using your TV’s built-in media player, which is not HDR-aware.

HDR video on your TV will probably look better when Infuse have tweked their HDR-to-SDR processing. Until then, you’re probably better off playing SDR videos, or accepting the washed-out colors you get when playing HDR video with a non HDR-aware media player.

This posts appears to deal with the same issue - and this is where I read James talking about adjusting the HDR-to-SDR processing/ tone mapping.

I have this same movie, so I tested it out (I only have Mad Max in 1080p so I can’t test that for you). It’s not an Infuse color issue, it’s what the colors on the 4K disc actually are (where the fire looks more like lava). I just tested this out 4 different ways:
Infuse with 4K HDR UHD rip BvS - Looks like yours does
iTunes with 4K HDR BvS - Looks like Infuse
Xbox One S with 4K HDR UHD disc BvS - Looks like Infuse
Xbox One S with disc 1080p BvS - Looks like your BluRay picture.

i’m sorry man, but this only happens on infuse, the same files on USB fire looks yellow and not so RED like the screenshots (both with HDR)

i’m starting to think you are not reading my post, file plays fine on USB! with HDR and amazing colors, only on infuse i can see red fire way over saturated like the screenshots

I can read quite good. Thanks :slight_smile:

As you can see here Samsung will update its SUHD & UHD TVs with HDMI 2.0a - FlatpanelsHD an update to your TV’s firmware is supposed to have enabled HDMI 2.0a, which is required for HDR through HDMI (but obviously not for HDR when reading a media on a flashdisk).
So you probably want to make sure that your TV has the latest available firmware and if not update your TV’s firmware.
It also seems, by reading the comments there, you want to check the following setting on your TV:

  • for the HDMI input your Apple TV’s connected to, HDMI UHD color (that is HDR) should be turned on.

Let’s see if i’m clear.

my tv already has that firmware, apple tv is working fine with 4K HDR, files plays awesome via USB, itunes 4K purchases look amazing in HDR, i’ve batman v superman in itunes, and only in infuse i can see fires with red over saturared

Did you test the colors of the actual disc in your 4K UHD player? I just did the disc on my Samsung UBD-K8500 and the colors are more red, same with my rip on the NVIDIA Shield.

Yes, i’ve also tested on a sony 4k tv from a friend and the problem is the same, not present when watching the movie on itunes 4k (we tested on batman v superman)

My iTunes 4K has the same colors as the disk and Infuse. Is it by chance ported over from VUDU with MA?

Edit to add: I’m copying it to a USB drive now to test USB on my TV.

Gonna offer some things here:

-I had the JU6500 for a bit. That TV doesnt handle colors well even without HDR.
-To whomever asked if you have an “hdmi 2.0 cable”: there is no such thing. There are various grades of HDMI high speed cable, but the cable does not determine the version of HDMI.
-I see nothing wrong with the images of Mad Max that you shared. The fire looks fine. Also, your phone’s camera is not going to capture the image properly so you should consider sharing it a different way. But with the nature of HDR, we will probably see it differently anyway.

This only happens in infuse, not itunes 4k or same file over usb

Ju6500 is not the best for hdr, but it works with the firmware update, itunes 4K movies looks stunning and blurays remux on usb also looks amazing, this happens only when i play files on infuse with fire and explosions

You didn’t see ant difference in the fire on the attached screenshots?

That’s not what I’m seeing in all my tests, which is why I asked the question about it being in VUDU ported over via Movies Anywhere (MA); it’s been shown to only port in 1080p even if it says 4K. Infuse, iTunes 4K, USB, Samsung UBD-8500, NVIDIA Shield with Plex and Kodi, and the Xbox One S all have the fire looking exactly the same with either the 4K disc or my rip. The only thing that shows the fire different is if I play the Blu-ray, and that looks the same as what you’re seeing. I also played it in VUDU in 4K UHD with Dolby Vision with my TV app, and the fire was still more red than in the Blu-ray.

I can only conclude that that is the correct color that is mastered for 4K.

No man, this is a bluray remux, not vudu, not capture

And again i tell you, via USB the file plays fine, HDR looks stunning

This is not the color mastered for 4K HDR, this is wrong color handshake between infusion and our tvs (testd both samsung and sony 4k hdr)