Do we have a ETA for HDR support with Infuse.
Are we days, weeks or months away.
Thanks for any Help.

It’s likely HDR support will be rolled into 5.6, which we’re working to have available around the first week of November in time for the iPhone X.

Stay tuned. :wink:

Thanks for that information James. Will that be for the ATV4K as well?

Yes, we usually roll out updates (at least major ones) for all platforms at the same time.

Thanks for the info James.
Your update on the same day in the suggestions forum says HDR is planned for 5.5.6.

I am fine with 5.5.6 or 5.6, as long as it is as soon as possible :slight_smile:

We’ve been debating whether or not to roll out 5.5.6 separate from 5.6, but as of right now it looks like everything will be contained in a single 5.6 update.

The upcoming features thread has been updated. :wink:

We need able to play 4k İSO and 4k full uhd disk folder with our apple tv 4k players.
It will be at 5.5.6 too?

I saw it. It will be at 5.6.1…

Buenas tardes.
Habra soporte para dolby vision en 5.6?

A little Monday teaser of our all-new HDR rendering coming in 5.6.

#comingsoon 8)


We’re working to add that as well. It’s possible it could make it into 5.6, but if not it will be shortly thereafter in 5.6.1.

Yes, Dolby Vision should be working as well.

I am sure having it in a beta would be of great help!
Me wanna!

Looks amazing. Totaly different 2 pictures :). Wonderfull development.
Please share 5.6 asap.
By the way, which model TV did you capture those photos ?

Screenshots are from an ATV4K.

5.6 is still on track for early November. :wink:

ı know it is from ATV 4 K :slight_smile:
I meant, what did you use for watching? TV & monitor etc? Which model?

Ah, these screenshots were captured using Xcode, but were scaled after capturing.

Thank you very much James.

Will it be possible to improve 4K HDR for a non HDR TV? Like Madvr HDR?

Yes, we’re working to add dynamic range conversion, so HDR colors will appear correct even on non-HDR screens.

Hola James!!
Una cuestion… seria posible mandar una beta antes del lanzamiento?. Es injusto esperar a tener hdr hasta el lanzamiento del iphone x ya que en el apple tv se veran mas contenidos en hdr que en el iphone x. Los usuarios del apple tv 4k (como soy yo) tenemos el atv en desuso.
Muchas gracias.


I have a Apple TV 4K and Ipad Pro 12” 2gen, and i just register in the “beta” for testing HDR (i have Infuse Pro)
Any news when we will receive it ?