4K HDR x265 files on Ipad Pro

Hi Guys,

I am new to this app, and wanted to know can I play 4K HDR x265 files on Ipad Pro through my synology NAS shared drive ?

Yes, 4K HDR x265 files are supported in Infuse when using an Apple device with an A9 or later chip. This includes all iPad Pros.


I have just bought the yearly subscription pro version and setup on iPad Pro, getting ATV 4K today for my LG OLED

My setup is, I have Synology NAS and as per my readings I have set it to SMB 3 (max) and on iPAD Infuse app I have set SBM for synology nas share as SMB 3

this I am doing to ensure no buffering play back of my 4k HDR 10 bit files through synology nas, however I still find it buffers at time and its not as smooth as Kodi on my Nvidia Sheild TV doing the same thing for same file

now I will hook my ATV 4K to wired lan to my NAS

what other recommendations you suggest to ensure smoother play back without buffering in this scenario

also I am concered about Infuse doing proper frame rate and color matching to each file while playing on OLED TV…is that done automatically and what settinsg to use it on ipad and ATV ?

If you are using SMB3 and having trouble with buffering, you may consider changing the Transport Encryption option from Auto to off. Transport encryption isn’t necessary for streaming video files, and will add a pretty substantial overhead as the NAS has to encrypt everything before it streams to Infuse. Doing this would allow you to retain the improved signing security of SMB3, but with faster performance.

Alternatively, if you want to keep transport encryption enabled but simply avoid using it for Infuse, you can change the SMB version in Infuse from Auto to SMB2 as described here. Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore

With regard to frame rate and color space matching, Infuse will automatically adjust the Apple TV settings to match the video being played, as long as you have the Match Content options enabled as described here. About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support

wonderfull I did the same on my synology nas, disabled the encryption

apple tv 4k infuse with wired connection works perfect without buffering but my ipad pro with wifi 5ghz do still buffers on higher bit rate 4k files

also I dont see an option to change SMB options (2,3 etc) on infuse apple tv app ? where do i change that in tv infuse app ?

Settings > Shares > Saved Shares (select the one you want to modify) > Edit Share > SMB Version (choose the version of SMB you want to try) > Save

Edit to add: This is how to do it on the Apple TV sorry, I don’t have my phone right now to verify it’s the same but it should be close.

Edit again to add: Settings > Add Files > Saved Shares > Info (circle with “I” in it next to the share you want to edit) > SMB Version

That’s for iOS sorry about the initial gaffe. :slight_smile:

perfect I have set smb on atv and its working perfectly fine

however my ipad pro app still buffers on high bitrate files

also is there an option to see technical details of playing files like its bitrate, color framerate etc ?

Did you try the Legacy setting on the iPad? That one works best for many users.

absolutely fantastic so ipad pro smb has to be legacy and on atv smb has to be smb3 and disable encryption in synology nas…this combination rocks

thank you guys…

now how can I see tech details while playing movies like what frame rate, color resolution etc just like nerd stats of youtube ?

Glad you found the combo that works for your set up!

Sorry as far as I know there’s no nerd window to look at the states. Since that’s really just a curiosity thing and not really an enhancement for playback it may be a while before we get to that goodie.

Quick question on susbtitles

If we download subtitles from in app where it gets stored ? And how can we delete any downloaded subtitle ?

Downloaded subtitles are stored in the app, and if you delete a video through Infuse the subtitle will also be removed.

Is there a way to at least see which framerate a video file is playing…I have enabled match framerate etc on ATV but still how do we cross verify ?

We don’t display this in the UI, but as long as you have the Match Content options enabled (About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support) Infuse will always adjust the Apple TV output to whatever you are watching.

how about preview/trailer support for movies ?

This is something we may look into for the future, and you may consider upvoting the topic in the suggestions area found here.

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