4k hdr mkv support

Firstly thanks for this excellent app. I’m very close now to feeling confident enough to get rid of my trusty popcorn hour media player. I have a couple of questions and a request:

Does the mkv container format support hdr and Dolby vision? I think the DV requires some kind of metadata that is plain to see in the 4k blu ray image layout. I’m just wondering what the deal is with mkv and what to expect?

Could you confirm that infuse now switches the refresh rate output as well as the HDR on/off; to match the file? I guess I just wasn’t sure about the HDR part.

Small request: on the popcorn hour and other players I’m very used to be able to display info of the media currently playing. For example format, hz, bitrate, audio/vid codecs etc etc. I realise that the Apple way is to hide things from the user; but we already have a nice pull down info bar whilst playing… perhaps we could have an ‘advanced info’ that can be enabled here from settings?


Yes, MKV files are very versatile and can support just about any format.

Currently, Infuse will be able to play 4K HDR content from an MKV and adjust the Apple TV’s refresh rate/dynamic range accordingly. DV content is not supported yet, but it is currently under investigation.

We’ve had a few requests for displaying playback details while a video is playing, and may look into adding something like this in a future update.


So, just so I understand correctly, the mkv container is capable currently of containing the required metadata that DV would need?

Good news about the extra stream info :slight_smile:

Correct. MKV will support everything needed for HDR/DV videos.

Another minor request; dealing with movies that have 2 parts to the same movie; disc1, disc2.


Hate to break the news. But MKV CAN NOT contain Dolby vision. You would need to use the m2ts stream for that. At least for now.

You’re right. It appears MKV does not yet support DV.

The number of UHD Blu-ray titles with DV is pretty limited right now, and keeping the original m2ts streams is probably the best way to go for these titles right now.

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