4K HDR content on a 1080p TV

Hi everyone!

I’m considering replacing my 1080p files with 4K HDR ones, however only 1 out of the 2 TV’s currently using Infuse supports 4K HDR. I don’t want to duplicate files to conserve disk space and was wondering if I were to play the 4K HDR file on the 1080p (non-4K Apple TV), what would happen? Would the quality be terrible/unplayable?

Just want some advice before investing in a new blu-ray drive to rip the 4K files.

Thank you!

You should be fine as long as you have an ATV4K. I play 4K content without a hitch on a 1080p TV using an ATV4K but using a plain ATV it’s a buffer fest and unwatchable. The plain ATV just can’t decode and render fast enough on the ones I’ve tried.

To follow-up on NC’s post, as long as you have an ATV4K, you can play 4K HDR videos on any TV.

When using a 4K HDR TV, you’ll get full HDR video.

When using a non-HDR TV (ie 1080p), Infuse will automatically convert the HDR video to SDR so everything looks right.

Thanks for the info guys. I’ll hold off until the second ATV is upgraded to an ATV4K as it’s just a standard 4th generation ATV today.

Appreciate the insight!

Just chiming in here that I can play 4k content on my standard ATV4 (non-4K model) without a hitch. The catch is that the content must be encoded in H.264. x265 HEVC will definitely not work. Target environment is my 1080p projector.

Yes, the ATV4 includes HW decoding for h.264, but HW decoding of HEVC (h.265) requires the ATV4K.

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