4K - Foward doesn’t work

Hi there, when I try to foward off 10 seconds with 4K files, the time change for 10 seconds foward and go back to it’s initial position.

The foward work well will non 4K files in x264, x265.

There is a clip to show the bug:

There is the diagnostic code C8BTP

ATV 4K 2022 with the last 7.7 version of infuse in direct mode with Plex, but I have this bug since more that a month with the regular version too.

Skip intro work well and chapiters control is disable.

Thank you


Same problem with another show right now.

Intro skip work great, and when I pause and use the wheel for scroll in the timeline, it’s work perfectly.

@james Any results with the log code?

Thank you


Is this happening with specific video files?

If so, you can submit a sample file we can review here?


All 4K HEVC mkv file no specific one in my case.
Generally, all files have HDR and/or DV

If needed, I will search for a small one to upload.

Thank you

Hi @james

Do you need a video file or you can reproduce it with yours files?

If you need a file, it’s ok to upload a full episode!?

Thank you,

The issue likely has something to do with the specific file you are playing, so if you are able to send in one of the problematic videos it would be helpful in tracking down what may be going on.

Files up to 50GB can be uploaded using the link above.

Hi @james

I submitted 2 files for your tests with my nickname.

If you need help for tests, just give me a sign.

Sorry for the delay, I don’t have access to the videos files regularly.

Have a nice day.

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Thanks! Will take a look.

Hi @james, any news on this?

Seem to happen for all my 4K files…

Thank you!