4k Dolby Vision format enabled... what happens to HDR playback?

So I’ve enabled the Dolby Vision format and yes, the colors are nice and accurate. I also didn’t want to enable the “Match Content / Match Dynamic Range” option as it made my Philips HUE lights flash before playback and it was annoying.

So in theory, Apple TV should now be forcing everything to play through Dolby Vision, even when it is SDR. But… what happens with the HDR content when it is played with this setup? How does that work?

If you have Dolby Vision enabled and Match Dynamic Range disabled, all videos played will be output as Dolby Vision.

You won’t get absolute accuracy for SDR/HDR colors with the Apple TV set to force DV output, and the DV palette tends to have a warmer/brighter tone (some people prefer this).

IMHO, if it looks good to you then use it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @james!

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