4K Designation or Category

Any chance we could get a little 4K graphic that goes over the cover on the main library screen of 4K films? In my previous media programs I could create my own categories and had a 4K category, but now all of the movies are mixed in together. It would be nice to separate them somehow.

Or, can I actually create my own category (like TV, Movies, Other) and I’m just new and don’t know how?

Also, loving Infuse so far. If you guys could get framepacked 3D working, you would have THE BOX/SOFTWARE to trump everything else since Atmos and bitstreaming are supposedly in the pipeline at Apple.


I will be interested too.
It should be easy to create category based on filename.
For example if you use “4K” or “3D” in filename (Inception.4K.mkv or Inception.3D.mkv) then you will ave a 4K or 3D category.
It’s just an idea, of course.

In the meantime since I wrote that, I’m just using a favorite with all my 4K films in it. This works for me now because I’ve change to a new server with EVERYTHING on one box, but for some people who have 4K movies strewn about, this isn’t a great solution and a little tag would be great.

That’s my case.
I have my movies mixed in various folders, so some kind of playlist maker (as in Kodi) would be great.

This is on our list to look into.

Since Infuse tracks the resolution for each video, there will be no special tagging required. :slight_smile:

Good news James.
So my only concern will be 3D movies :slight_smile:

Hello James !
How about this new feature ? It would be great, as « collections », to add a favorite by « resolution »
(…and I can say an other time : I’m in love with your software !!! Chuuut)

Pretty sure release 5.8.4 has solved this by introducing a filter by resolution option.

Where is the filter by resolutions option mentioned here? Plex has the capability but I can’t find it in Infuse.

Library > Movies > By Resolution

That doesn’t help me. If I go to Library>Movies I don’t see anything about resolution. If I select the search button I also don’t have an option for By Resolution.

I know the confusion. I am looking at the iOS app. I know about the option in Mac/PC player. It doesn’t appear to have this option on iOS.

What do you see when you click on “Movies” in the “Library”?

Sorry bout that. Give me a few to look at the iOS version.

I am looking at the iOS app. I know about the option in the other players. You don’t have that option in iOS.

Looks like resolution isn’t a sort option in iOS but I may be missing something too. I don’t use the iOS version very often.

Where are you seeing a Mac/PC version of Infuse?

I was talking about other players on Mac and PC, Plex specifically. I keep everything synced with PMS so I get confused sometimes as to what is what.

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