4K contents not loading

Client AppleTV 4K gen 2
Server: Synology DS918+ 2Gbps (link agrégation between Synology and UniFi switch but ATV have 1Gbps links.

I can’t seems to stream a 4K media on my AppleTV, doing a speed test the average speed is 202 Mbps (min 170Mbps) it’s unexpectedly slow but it’s probably because the server is on a different VLAN.

The file size is 12.56 GiB

The same file using google drive have an average speed of 827.87 Mbps (but Mim speed of 201Mbps)

Can you describe what happens when playing these files?

Are you getting an error?

Do the same files work from Google Drive?

If you’re able to submit a report from the Apple TV it could be helpful in seeing what’s going on.

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Thanks for your reply, if I remember well, the media wasn’t loading at all (circle icons turning round)

Trying now and somehow, it’s working just fine (LAN and Google Drive).

I’ll try a few time tomorrow and monitor this closely, and I will update if the issue occurs again.

Thanks again.

— I know it’s seems like It was probably a network issue at the time but It wasn’t, however I must admit I forgot to check the server load (but I highly doubt that the server was busy).

The unifi switches aren’t layer 3 so they won’t do intervlan routing. Do you have static routes set up on the switch to move traffic between vlans? If not it’s all going to route through the default gateway on the switch which I’m guessing is your router.

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The default gateway is a UDM pro a few switches behind so that probably why the speed is so slow, I’ll look in static route, that would make more sense

Typically you’ll put your static routes on your core switch and have it handle all your internal network routing and leave your router to handle anything going out. Don’t put routes on any edge switches connected to your core. If your core and your router are the same appliance then leave things as is.

Typically though for availability and performance it’s best to plug everything into a central core switch.