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Simple question. Does Infuse would gave me the possibility to play 4k/hdr content from Plex without transcoding on the ATV 4k ? Even with SRT subtitles ?

I’m looking for a box and app that will always direct play and never transcode 4k content


Yes, Infuse will be able to direct play your 4K videos with SRT subtitles.

No transcoding required. :slight_smile:

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Thanks !

Now I’m testing the free version of Infuse. Question. I do a some « optimized version » of some movies and tv shows for other platforms in Plex.

I’m now trying the find in Infuse if there is a way to chose which version I want to play


The ability to select a ‘Play Version’ will be available soon in the upcoming 5.7.5 update. :wink:

Nice! Now I can start shopping 4k tv :slight_smile:

If you live in the United States, I got my apple tv 4k for $105 through Direct TV Now streaming. You prepay for 3 months of service($35 per month = $105) and they send you a free apple tv 4k about a week after you sign up. You can cancel the service a few weeks before the 3rd month is over, but you should try it out, it works very well and is cheaper than cable. https://www.directvnow.com/appletv

but I live in Canada so I have free healthcare but absolutely no other promotion or lower prices on anything else :biggrin:

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If you’re single, you can find yourself an american spouse. Then buy stuff using a vpn and have it shipped to their relatives house in the U.S. and then make some occasional “visits” to pick up your things :wink: Then you can have your cake and eat it too.

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hahaha good idea ! Definitely not time consuming and overpriced !

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