4K Buffering Inquiry

Good afternoon,

I’ve noticed that when I play a 4K movie, which is playing from Plex on a MacMini. It’s also DirectPlay, it takes a while to buffer. Any tips? Or is it just internet speed. Should I not use Plex and turn my MacMini into a server, would that be more efficient?

Is your plex server remote or is it running on the mini?

Are you trying to play it on the mini or on another device?

The Plex server is on the MacMini and I’m just trying to play on my Apple TV that is on the wifi.

You could just create a SMB share in Infuse to the mini for the directory where your videos are. That way you could try a “side by side” comparison. Your ATV is a 4K version correct?

Mac sure your mini is connected via Ethernet. You can do a speed test on the media server from within infuse