4K 60fps not possible?

Shouldn’t I be able to play a 4K 60fps video on my AppleTV4k with Infuse?
I never get a smooth playback on any 4K 60fps file.
I downloaded this video from YouTube:

Does it work for anyone?

The Apple TV 4K will support 4K playback of HEVC (h.265) videos.

Unfortunately, most of Youtube’s 4K content will be in VP9 format which is limited to about 1080p on the Apple TV 4K.

However, it sounds like there are some changes around this coming in tvOS 14…

I tested this recently with some 4K 60fps rips from Youtube and encountered the same issue as the OP in playback on Infuse. Then it dawned on me about the Apple/Google HEVC/VP9 war and I realized this must be a limitation of the ATV4K due to that. Not long after starting the video, the video would freeze solid however the sound would continue.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I decide to see how the native Plex player is shaping up as I haven’t even used it in quite some time because Infuse never fails me. I figured I would throw these files at it and have a good laugh as my expectation was for it to choke on them as well.

But to my shock and amazement, it played them Direct Stream, no transcoding, no stuttering and buttery smooth. FYI, this is the “new” player or “experimental” as it was called the last time I played around with it.

I am not sure how playback like this is possible if Plex is not transcoding the same files to its player, but yet freezes completely in Infuse.

Here is a screenshot of the technical details from Plex player.

Hi, I had an issue with playing movies through Infuse and fixed it by changing my Apple TV settings. I changed Video and Audio / match content - I turned both on. You get a short black screen every time you start/stop a movie but the quality was perfect.