4 USB Drive Tires and No Flash yet!

I used a Scandisk and Lexor, a no name and I forget what the other is.

I downloaded the file, ran it on the disk as shown on video, downloaded the dmg file or apple update file from internet option.

So the BIN, the atvFlash and dmg file are all on each USB Stick, unplug try each one, plug back in and only ever see the “white apple” show up.

Maybe I missed something or maybe I am a pro at finding the 15% of USB sticks that don’t work,

Any help towards unlocking the magic is appreciated.


You won’t actually need to copy any files to the drive manually. The entire aTV Flash folder (containing aTV Flash Installer and bin folder) should be located on your hard drive. Running the installer from the hard drive will then copy all the necessary files to the drive automatically.

Note: You may also try removing the U3 software on the drive (if present) - this has been known to cause some issues with installation.