4.4.4 Unstable?

I ran seas0n pass and let it do its thing till it asked me if i wanted to let Itunes restore automatically. I said no and found it myself and restored it myself which after it was done now the apple tv 2 light flashes really fast. I then tried version 4.3 with a program called Ireb and it worked then i tried the same program with 4.4.4 and it did the same thing. After i plugged the device back in with the plug it flashes really fast.

So whats going on and why is version 4.4.4 unstable? I have no issues with 4.3 on any 2 programs i use.

What you describe are the symptoms of the tethered 4.4.4 jailbreak. Are you sure you used the very latest SeaonPass (0.8.1) which supports untethered jailbreak of 4.4.4?

This is the version i got got it like sometime today.

But i’ll try it again and see what happens.

Well it works now for some strange reason.

So please ignore now.