4.4.4 to 5.2 untehtered


One reson would be that there are some channels you can get with 5.3 that you cant with 4.3

True. But why lose all that value?  And perhaps it IS too much work, but a jailbroken untethered ATV easily goes for $250+ on EBAY or AMAZON, while a 5.3 version can be found at close to $150.  With just a little effort, a 4.3 owner could end up with a tethered 2nd generation 5.3 – and a brand new 3rd generation ATV on top of it (or $100)!

I guess I was looking at this from that perspective, only.  But you’re right.  Version 5.3 definitely has more desirable native Apple applications.

New channels even though I never used them.  The main reason I did it was because XBMC was starting to constantly crash so I though it wold be best to just re-jailbreak it. Althought that did not fix the problem at all. So then I just restored it to the new version and haven’t jailbroken it since. I use it now for Hulu Plus and Podcast and it hasn’t crashed since.