4.4.4 to 5.1 how to delte / uninstall jailbreak and atv flash

hello there…


After seasonpass have a new update, so you can run the 5.1 without to connect the mac every time, I would like to update…


But, I can’t restore the apple tv in iTunes, i get a error…


And i can’t delete the tav flash directly from the apple tv, what to do now ?

just download the most recent release from firecore plug the unit in.

I’m having the same problem. If you have the ATV2 check for updates it says it’s up to date despite being on 4.4. If you try to do a complete restore it errors saying it can’t download and try again later.

There used to be a fire core setting in Maintenance >> Setting to block/allow ATV updates but that setting is no longer their.

Basically we are stuck with no way to update or retore.


I have exactly the same issue !

step1 open season pass

step2. right click on create ipsw

step3. THE STEP U NEED: go down the list there will be 2 firmware 5.0(9B199s and 9B206F). you need to select 9B206F if you don’t have the option of 2 then ur down loaded of the new season pass was down loaded correctly, but you havn’t gone in the correct folder and open it to run, so lets just simplify it for you just sign in your computer as a guest. then down loaded season pass as a guest now it will be the most recent verison.

That still don’t get me the newest software from Apple ???

Hey hey, think I found a way…


If you update to the newest version of season pass, then you can restore it “normally in iTunes” den you can connect it to your tv, update if nessery, and then you can use season pass again


what???  u didn’t notice after you unpluged it and then plug it inot your tv u didn’t need to boot it and you still had the fc symbol under settings???


if you followed the above steps it will automatically go into itunes and restore

Are there really any major benefits (besides the new UI) going to 5.1 from 4.4.4?

You cannot update a jailbroken Apple TV by updating the software locally. You need to use Seas0nPass to rejailbreak the latest version.

Well my issue is that when I plug my jb’ed ATV 2 to my computer when prompted by Seas0n Pass nothing happens! I can’t get the DFU mode anymore. Even in iTunes the device is not displayed.
That’s strange because as I did the first jailbeak, everything went very smoothly.

Try another cable maybe ??