4.4.4 seasonpass Jailbreak when done show connect to intunes screen

Hi, I am not sure what I am doing wrong here, please advise.    4.4.4  following instruction using season as closelyh as possible.  After itunes restore is done when I plug in apple tv to my tv, I see “connect to Itunes via usb” screen and the light in constanly blinking.  Can somebodt please advise on how go around this issue?   Thanks 

Also, have fully purchased lifetime update license for atv flash black, but I guess I cannot get to it until i get passed this problem, support please help.  I am using atv 2


maybe try rejailbreak again.

during the jailbreak no erro msg?

no error messages at all, says everythig is good, I have tried to re jailbreak several times after that, original had 4.4.4 3330 version. Very strange.    Do I need to wait until last moment for intune to tell it is done?  I have heard people unplugging it before that, but I have not tried that because it is not part of instructions.  Thank you

Should be using may be different version of season pass? I am using these instructions:




thank you


yes it better to wait itune say is done

yeah thats what I am doing, I will try another time and post reply, so far no success…

seasonpass using which ver?

had u backup your shsh?


ok now I started getting error 3194

I have not backed up anything, I am new to this, just followed instructions listed above

season pass is using 5.0.  Where do I get one that will use 4.4.4?

ok error is gone now but still nothing, should it say at end the it was restored to factory settings, this is message in tunes at the end I get where it states  to unplug from pc

you can right-click the seasonpass any version the button create ipsw,may popup a menu ,then you can select the version,good luck

well how nice is that, following official instructions in this website for someone new like myself will totally screw you over and try to jailbreak using 5.0 version meaning know I have to go through some more voodoo crap to roll it back to 4.4.4 and then jailbreak, not happy… and I have good old 4,4,4 to start with… this sucks



I have the same problem. this is very frustrating and cost a lot of time. i will wait until this is fixed in a newer version.

Got the same problem :frowning: ??


what’s wrong ?

 the same problem as this After itunes restore is done when I plug in apple tv to my tv, I see “connect to Itunes via usb” screen and the light in constanly blinking. 

Got the same problem on Seasonpass 5.0.  Originally had 1601 on restore.  Jailbroke again untethered and all successful.  Plugged into TV and get connect to iTunes logo…

Thought I’d nailed it.  Very frustrating…

Hold that thought, my mistake. 5.0 doesn’t support untethered jailbreak.  I’ll get my coat… :slight_smile:

Hi all. I’m having a similar problem. After trying several times and getting 1600 errors, now it seems to work fine, but when I plug it into TV I get the connect to itunes screen.


Very frustrating. I read through all the requirements before attempting this and I followed instructions exactly. I’ve wasted like three hours on this so far and I don’t know what to do anymore… I don’t have a windows PC so I can’t do the ireb / ifaith / total control stuff. 


Has anyone on a Mac figured out how to lick this?