4.4.4 JB --> 5.2 untethered JB. How!?


I´m currently running 4.4.4 jailbreaked on my ATV2 working fine.


However, I want to upgrade to a newer version and still be able to jailbreak untethered. Is that possible? How should i do this?

As far as I´m concered there is only a tethered JB for the latest firmware? So can I somehow choose to upgrade to 5.2 instead of the newest firmware in order to be able to jailbreak untethered?


Please help me 


Hi , yes it can be done, just read and you will find all the answer to your question. if you choose not to read look on craigslist and have someone do it for you

You can only update to versions for which you already have shsh blobs or that Apple is still signing. As it sounds as if you do not have shsh blobs for anything later than 4.4.4 then your only current option is the 5.2.1 tethered jailbreak.