4.4.4 jailbreak after apple stopped signing problems

Hi I am using sn0wbreeze using iFaith mode. I have had error 1604 first then realised I need to have the ATV plugged into the power. This got me much further as beforehand it was hanging on ‘preparing apple to for restore’


When power is connected it gets right through the verrifying and restoring and then hangs right at the end on restoring apple tv firmware.


The light on the ATV is on full (not blinking) then after an age of hanging on ‘restoring apple tv firmware’ it gives me an error 1602!


Anyone got any ideas??


Can I use seas0npass?? I have only just saved the blobs using iFaith? Or do I have to go through that long winded process with Total commander??

I sorted it

How did you fix it? been trying to jailbreak using seas0npass but keeps getting “this device is not eligible for this device” when verifying on iTunes. pls can i still jailbreak atv2 4.4.4?

If all else fails, try this, it works for 99% of those who try it and follow the guide closely…