4.3 seasonpass 0.93 jailbreak error

Hi,  I have avt2 4.3.  I get this error after it’s nearly finished, “Error entering DFU mode:  This device is not supported by Seas0nPass.”  

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


I would suggest you update to UNTETHERED version 5.3 and “Fuhgeddaboudit.”

Sorry, how do I do that?  Should I hit update software?  Can the latest version (5.3?) be jailbroken with seasonpass untethered?  Thank you.

Seasonpass was updated to support an untethered jailbreak of 5.3 at the weekend.   If you want to go to that version then it is advisable to do it soon as at any time Apple could stop signing 5.3.

Thank you.  So even if I have an older version (older than 4.4), I can use the latest seasonpass and right-click on it and choose 5.3 version for my ATV2? 


Excellent.  Thank you so much for that information! B-)

Finally got it done.  Thanks, everyone!

It was mostly operator error! LOL