4.3 Jailbreak, should I upgrade

Hi All,


New to apple tv jailbreaking, having had an atv3 for some months I go bored of waiting and purchased atv2 from ebay. 

Already pre-configured i think using XBMXHub wizard, as that seems to be the xbmx version it’s running.

Anyway it’s aTV Flash,  nito tv, xbmc configured already. But Netflix is missing, it’s running 4.3 (2557). 


Now is there any point in me upgrading and going though the whole process myself (other than gain knowledge of the process).


This seems to be the latest untethered, should I bother? Any thoughts. Can someone also me briefly what all this blobs is about :/

  • 5.2 (iOS 6.1 - 10B144b) - untethered

Blobs are unit specific…thus if you have a 4.3 and does have a saved blob(s) i.e. 5.2 then you can do it. Otherwise, tethered jb 5.3 will be your only option to enjoy Netflix. I respect your need for Netflix though you can enjoy same with other addons.

Hmm thanks for the quick reply. 

Is there any other benefit then to moving to the newer firmware other than netflix. 

But I can go to 5.2 from my 4.3 if I have the 5.2 blobs? If I understood you correctly.




Yes you can do that if you have a saved blob particular to your unit. Ill stick with th untethered so that you can move your apple tv from one tv to another without doing the boot tether process.


well, if it’s jail broken correctly you really don’t need netflix