4:3 DVDs playback "stretched" on 16:9 HD tv

Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased and installed aTV Flash. So far, things are working okay, but I’ve run into a problem where my 4:3 DVDs (transferred VOBs, not converted to MP4s) are playing back stretched on my HDTV.

Any clues? I’ve tried adding the monitoraspect option to MPlayer, as mentioned in another post, without much apparent effect. My TV refuses to let me change the aspect ratio for 1080i signals.


Has the Smart Installer been run (http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Smart_Installer)? This will greatly improve DVD playback and should eliminate the aspect ratio issues you are seeing.

I did run Smart Installer (reran it again just now for good measure), with no effect. BTW, this box is connected via component (no HDMI) to an older HDTV only supporting 1080i and 480p (so shifting the output to 720p is not an option - I saw this mentioned somewhere as a possible resolution).

Update: May not mean anything, but looking through the following page http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/CMP_Framework, and playing with the zoom mode, this works as you’d expect with everything being sized too big (zoom 2x is really too big, etc.). I wonder if there’s any way to force the TV aspect detection on this thing.

Is this happening with all files (4:3 or 16:9) or just one? Is your AppleTV set to 1080 or 480 resolution? (check in Settings → Audio/Video → TV Resolution menu.

I’ll have to rip and transfer another DVD to be sure, however the one DVD that I’ve tested has a bonus feature that’s 16:9, and that appears stretched as well. MP4 files played through the standard AppleTV video player don’t have this issue, regardless of aspect.

The AppleTV video output is set to 1080i.

Update: I’ve transferred another DVD, from the same publisher / content creator, but it has both 4:3 and 16:9 playback options. 4:3 is stretched as before. 16:9 also appears stretched, except that there are black bars on both top and bottom. (I’m fairly certain that you can at least see the side portions of the image in the 16:9.) A different 4:3 DVD from a different publisher has the same stretching problems.

I also have several 4:3 aspect mp4 files converted with Handbrake and transferred via iTunes that play correctly through the standard AppleTV video player.

Okay, I’ve gone through all of the settings, and tried yet another DVD. Still no dice. Unfortunately, without the ability to actually play non-converted DVDs without distorting them, ATVFlash becomes a whole lot less useful to me. (Basically, for me it just adds FTP and external drive access.)

Any other suggestions?

The “stretched” phenomenon when viewing 16x9 videos under 1080i is a known issue, and will be resolved in an upcoming update. I’m not sure that changing to a 480 resolution would have much effect, but it may be worth a try.

Switching to 480p doesn’t seem to affect it, except that my TV then allows me to change the display settings (justified, zoom, etc.). One of these results in a picture that’s better than before, although the aspect is still not quite correct. At least this is a workaround of sorts until the 1080i problems are resolved.

Any idea on when this update (I’m assuming to nitoTV or MPlayer) might be expected?

Just an update: adding yesterday’s ATVFlash update (including updates to nitoTV) had no effect - same problem as before. I’m not sure that the fix was slated to go into this update, however.

Are there any logs or other information that I can provide that will help resolve this issue (or at least keep it from sliding off the table)?

I don’t think the 4.1.5 updated was aimed at fixing the 1080i issue. I will forward this on to make sure it’s not forgotten.

I have just installed ATV Flash and this issue still persists for all of my ripped DVD content wether using XBMS, Saphire or NitoTV.

Is there a fix for this yet?

Has the latest version adressed this issue?


I am having the same problem with everything stretched.

I just upgraded to the latest Version 4.2 and this issue still persists with all my ripped DVD content.


I cant be the only one having this problem or has everyone else just given up?

is there wil be a fix when ?


I just upgraded to the latest Version 4.2 and this issue still persists with all my ripped DVD content.


I cant be the only one having this problem or has everyone else just given up?



You're not the only one with this problem, although I obviously can't say how many of us there are. With everyone at FireCore now playing with the new toy, from looking at updates (or lack thereof), solutions to problems (let alone enhancements) with the old hardware have basically stopped. (I personally stopped frequently checking for solutions to anything once FireCore basically said not to expect anything in the near-term on the previous-gen hardware.)

I can't say that I blame them from a purely-business standpoint (although telling folks who paid for extended support to basically pound sand while they work on different stuff doesn't exactly build customer goodwill), but even after the new hardware development has completed I fear that folks with the older hardware will remain perpetual second-class citizens (extended support period or not). Given that we're a subset of this population, I'll let you do the math on this one...



this problem isn't fixed yet. WHY? It is still the same that all DVDs from a external HD or coppied DVD Files on the AppleTV are playing back stretched on TV. What can I do? please help!!!!!!!!!!