4:3 Aspect Ratio issues

I am trying to find out how I can get my Apple TV to treat 4:3 movies as full screen or wide mode. My TV (older 65" Samsung) doesn’t allow me to stretch or change the settings from anything but wide mode for some reason. I know on my DVD player and even my x360 that full screen movies will display correctly and take up the full screen size of the TV regardless of the Wide mode settings.

I have been researching for awhile now on Handbrake and can not figure out how to do this. Apparently it is on either the DVD side or the TV side. Is there anyway I can change some settings in the aTV to make standard 4:3 movies display properly as fullscreen and not with the black bars on the sides?

I have a few movies and a bunch of TV shows that are only available in full screen.

I’m in the same boat - and have not been able to find anything that will help.

I have to keep using the aspect option on my tv to get them to fill the screen… nothing on the Apple tv will do it…

Has to be possible cuz I have a lame Philips DiVX dvd player - and it will auto stretch all full screen tv shows to fill the screen…


Yeah apparently it is because some older TVs (like my Samsung big screen) do not allow zoom when hooked up with HDMI or Component. My TV knows better than me and defaults automatically to Widescreen/Theatre Mode and greys out the other options. Because AppleTV doesn’t have any options built in like a DVD player does to force widescreen or zoom, it outputs the 4:3 image (correctly) with black bars on the sides.

In my case, I have several older TV shows that I wanted to just fill the damn screen like they do when played on my DVD player. I have tried encoding with Handbrake with a variety of Anamorphic settings and can not get a 4:3 to display as a cropped widescreen (which would be fine because my wife and I hate the black bars on sides more than losing some of the top and bottom of the image).

Now if I could just get aTVFlash 3.5 to work and see my HDD again…

If you use XBMC, you can use the video calibration setting to adjust the picture, basically simulating a widescreen mode on your TV. I use this on my Toshiba and it works awesome.