4.3 Apple TV 2 Reboot Loop

I am new to this website and dont know if this is the right forum topic or whatever its called lol. Anyways, I am having a problem with my 4.3 Apple TV 2, I bought one yesterday from a guy on Craigslist so im pretty much new to this jailbreaking stuff on here but Im a iPhone/iPad Jail breaking pro. Anyway, I was going through the Apple home screen today and decided to go in the NitoTv or whatever its called lol. A pop-up came up and told me to update some stuff like Cydia I believe and other stuff. I pressed the Update all option. It proceeded to update everything, then the Apple TV looked like it restarted. So I sat there and saw the Apple logo, however, it continued to restart/reboot over and over and over. The screen goes black, shows the Apple, and then goes black once again. I dont know how to get this out of this bootloop I guess. I do not know the IP so I cant SHSH into it like I have been reading, and obviously I cant get into the setting menu to find either. I tried “Rejailbreaking” it but in iTunes I keep getting a 3194 Error. Can you please help me out here? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

same here stuck in itunes on preparing apple tv with 4.3.

made a custom firmware with snowbreeze