4.3.1 vs 4.2.1

I've just rolled back my ATV2 to 4.2.1 - I found that the update to 4.3.1 just wasn't worth it because it broke all my XBMC addons (and XBMC itself).  How is everyone else finding it? Are there any compelling reasons why I should be on 4.3.1 already?


At this point it seems that if you are satisfy with XBMC which I am, then just stay on 4.2.1.  Plex users are a bit more happy with 4.3.1 and plex 7.06 on ATV2.  However, streamming works the best for me on XBMC.  However, hulu works on Plex 7.06b for some reason.  

How do you roll back xbmc player dead for me?

you need to have saved your SHSH files when Apple was still signing them for 4.2.1.  I am not sure if Apple TV did this anyway for you like you can set iPhone/iPad to in Cydia.  

assuming you have got SHSH saved, you run TSS server in TinyUmbrella to fake the Apple signing of older firmware restore and then do option+click on the restore button in iTunes and select older firmware which you can find around on the internet.

If this doesn't make sense you might not be able to do it but i would definitely recommend you go to http://thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com and learn everything you can about TinyUmbrella and start saving your SHSH files to enable you to downgrade in future.  When you've installed TinyUmbrella, you will be able to check what SHSH files you have saved by connecting AppleTV to computer, and clicking on the 'Save SHSH' button - if Cydia has stored your files for AppleTV, TinyUmbrella will get them for you.

Thanks man ill just hop[e thers a fix out soon for it , ill just go back to watching my shows via my hd in to the usb on my blu ray.

Got Plex for windows working so im sort of happy , not as good as XBMC player but will do till its fixed.