4/26 Couch Surfer and Last.fm Updates

New versions of Couch Surfer and Last.fm are now available!

Full details on what's included can be found below.

Couch Surfer (0.9.2-1741)

  • Added HTML5 audio support (for sites like http://tv.tunein.com/)
  • Improved EyeTV streaming
  • Improved web pages scrolling and layout handling
  • Improved iOS-optimized JavaScript support
  • Auto-completion cleanup on history cleanup
  • Better highlighting for large elements
  • New SSL indicator
  • Other minor bug fixes

Last.fm (0.7-1113)

  • New lightweight audio streaming player
  • Improved memory management

Update on the AppleTV through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

Last FM does not work in Greece on ATV2. Can you do something about it ? I have a Greek subscription and bought ATV FLASH beta for Last FM mostly but d I am using it thru XBMC.