4.2 Spotlight and iOS search


I am really happy to se the New version 4.2 and it’s new features. Specially i am very interrested in Spotlight and possibility to search movies in infuse via IOS search. Nevertheless after upgrading to 4.2 on my iPad mini 4 i can’t find Spotlight menu nor search infuse content via iOS search. Is there any setting to be done to get these new features working?

Appreciate your help on that.


Make sure that Settings-General-spotlight search is on and enabled for infuse. It will take some time for it to show up. (Make sure everything is indexed first).


is it necessary to have The Movie File in The iPad?

Or also possible, if The File is in The Network

I can See it in The Infuse App, but not in Spotlight search.

Any Ideas?

Thank you & Greetings from Germany

Thanks munpip working fine for ios search. But haven t found yet the configuration to get the automatic classification of movies.
Hi Viskem, for me Spotlight search works for movies stored on my hard drive.

Are you looking for library view? That is only available on Apple TV for now.


My Movie Files are on an external Drive, connected to a MacBook Air.

With The Infuse App, iPad, I can see The Files,

BUT, within Spotlight, there are just results like iTunes, wikipedia, iBook Store…

HOW can I See the Files, which are on The external Drive on The MBA?
(Which would be cool, because on ATV there is no search Option)

Thank you for your Ideas

(iPad Spotlight Infuse is Switched on in Settings)

Spotlight will also work for remote files, but Infuse will first need to index them.

Infuse will start indexing your shares whenever it’s left open, and you can manually start indexing certain folders by navigating to them.

Once indexed, it may take a bit of time for results from Infuse to start appearing in Spotlight, since these results are heavily cached.

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I also cannot get spotlight search to work. I have tried it on 3 different iPads and two different iPhones with the latest version of iOS. I am connecting to an external drive using Secure WebDAV. I have also tried using FTP. Infuse connects to my drive just fine using either method and I can browse the library and play movies. I cannot use spotlight search though.
I have tried clearing metadata. I have let the app index (I think) for hours. I have spotlight search turned on for everything including apps. The only results I get back are web results. Nothing for infuse. Like I said this is happening on like 5 iOS decices.
Do you have to do anything special to index? All I am do is going into the infuse app and browsing my movies. This seems to create the metadata so I’m assuming this also indexes.
What the heck could I be doing wrong?

We’re all of these updated apps or did you do fresh installs?

Do you mean the infuse app? If so they were all updated from the last version to the new version, not a fresh install. I just did a complete wipe on my old iPad today and so that is a fresh install of infuse but I haven’t let it index all the metadata yet. I’ll see if that fresh install is any different.

Spotlight is working for me now. At first movies weren’t appearing in the Spotlight search, but maybe a week later when I next check, they were there in the search results. I didn’t do anything in particular.

Thanks. I have been running this for longer than a week. Ever since it was released. I’m just not sure if I am supposed to be doing something special to get the indexing to work or getting the search to work. Seems odd that it’s not working on multiple iOS devices.

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