4.2 library metadata

Is the new Library feature loading a separate set of metedata? I’ve noticed that my favorite folders seem to have different results than the library.

It should be the same, though the metadata can vary from time to time depending on when its cached. Infuse will always fetch the most current info when populating your library.

Thanks for the reply James. So, the Library should at some point organize my TV shows in the same structure as my Favourites, right? Now it has all the TV show Extras are appearing in Cinema even though the favourites have them in with the specific TV show’s season list.

For me, all my differents favorites are mixed in the library view.

But on which metadata is based and built the library ? Cause if I sort the movie by categorie, I sometimes found the same movie in all, or some Disney in thriller for example. Why don’t you only choose the main metadata instead of all to classify ?
So it’s a really big mess for me, and I don’t use it for now and continue to use it with my own classification made manualy by folders. Too bad…

Actually no. Infuse will totally disregard any special folders you have setup, and group things by series/season automatically. This means you can have shows from the same season stored in 2 different places, and Infuse will group them into a single category.

If you have shows appearing in the wrong place, you may check to ensure you’re using one of the supported name styles as described here.

We’re currently using the tags provided by TMDb for genre grouping. Often times a movie will have 2-3 tags, so Infuse will display that video in 2-3 different genres. The alternative is Infuse trying to pick the best category, which is unlikely to provide good results.

For example, The Return of the King has tags of: Adventure, Fantasy, and Action. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) — The Movie Database (TMDb) Is one of these tags better than the others?

Fortunately it is possible to add your own tags using XML files. A bit more info on this, as well as a sample file, can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

I have been an avid firecore user and infuse lover for years. I have 2 apple tv2 with flash black and infuse installed. They work great. They find all my content through a smb share and I have been able to set the share folder to to either find movie or tv metadata. All metadata has been found and I use Trakt to sync. Well, I just bought the new apple tv 64g and the first thing I did was download the infuse Pro app. I have managed to set up the smb share no worries, with a favourite folder pointing to my movie folder and a favourite folder pointing to my tv folder. The movie favourite finds all the metadata for the movies no problem. I cant seem to set the tv favourite to directly look for tv metadata, hence none of my tv shows are recognised except by their filename. Is there a way to set the favourite to recognise that there is tv and to search for tv metadata?Just like in the old infuse on the apple tv2. I have tried the new library but my tv shows are everywhere, missing seasons, some missing episodes. Some shows have metadata and some are in other folder even though they are named the same way. I hate the library. Someone please, please,please help?