4.1.1 jailbreak crash reboot - semi fixed..

I have JB my 4.1.1 but it gets stuck in a reboot loop.  It doesnt totally reset as I can still SSH at any time.

To get out of the reboot loop I add “ ax.init.itunes.apple.com” to the hosts file, which cures the problem but takes away a lot of the options on the menu screen, for example under movies the only option is "out now"or something to that effect, no genres or popular etc.

To get rid of the boot loop and gain access to all the menu options I noticed that with the hosts edited I can then change the itunes account country to anything but UK (where I am based)then I can delete the added hosts line but it will show all menu options without reboot. (change it back to UK and it loops)

So what does ax.init.itunes.apple.com do and is there any way to have itunes set to UK and not have missing options?

There must be a file somewhere causing it to reboot only when set to UK…


how do you access the host file?
is it the host file in /private/etc

yupp, off the top of my head (theres only one).  I just renamed the orignal .old copied it and edited the new version so i had a backup

whenever i open xbmc, i just get a black screen though i can stil ssh to the unit.

Does it flash on to the menu briefly? Add the code and save it. Reboot and see if it works. If it does change country . I went Ireland as it’s next door.

Edit. The whole menu is black or just XBMC?

i can access the apple interface. I installed xbmc thru atv flash and nito tv - same result: whenever i access xbmc it was just a black screen.