4.1.1 -> 5.3 Is this possible?


I have an jailbroken appletv2 with 4.1.1. firmware.

Is there any way to update it to 5.3 instead of the latest 6.x?


Running the latest SeasonPass should automatically take it to a jailbroken 5.3 system. Note that any existing apps installed are wiped during this process.

Indeed. I tried to save the shsh blob but it failed, and I thought it’s necessary for the process.
Now it’s updated and running. Thank you!

I have an ATV sitting at 4.4.4 that I am thinking of taking to 5.3 with a clean install and then installing only XBMC on it. So you just followed the directions here: http://support.firecore.com/entries/387605-jailbreaking-101-seas0npass ? Thanks!

Yes, that is what I did.
Then I used nitotv to deploy xbmc.

I have basically the same exact question, however, I’m at version 5.0.2 and I’m reluctant to upgrade since I read that you have to have a signed firmware version. Does this work for 5.3 (or 10B809 or 6.1.4 according to here: https://ipsw.me/all#AppleTV21) since it’s still being “signed” by Apple? The version #s are really confusing since there seems to be 3 different numbers (or more) referring to different versions.


danbrooks, it is irrelevant which version you are currently on. Since Apple is still signing firmware version 5.3 (iOS 6.1.4 - 10B809) you simply need to run Seasonpass and it will automatically update and jailbreak from 5.0.2 to 5.3 in your case.

Saved signatures (shsh blobs) are only needed when Apple stops signing the firmware version you are wanting to revert to. Lets say you updated to 5.3 and didn’t like it. In order to revert back to 5.0.2 you would need to have saved your 5.0.2 signature since Apple is no longer signing 5.0.2

Ok thanks a lot for clarifying that. I’ll go ahead and upgrade then. After upgrading I will also save the signature.


Sure thing. Just keep in mind if you’re wanting your signature saved for 5.0.2 then you’ll need to save it before you upgrade, not after. This can be done using iFaith on a windows machine.

Thanks again for the tip. Can’t I also save the signature from within atvflash? I believe it has both a backup and a save signature to the cloud?


Yes, if your settings in atvflash are set to automatically save your signatures then they’ll already be saved for you. It’s doubtful you’ll ever need them, but if something goes wrong with the jailbreak and/or Apple stops signing 5.3 at the same time you are jailbreaking (that would be my luck lol) you’ll be glad you have them.

Thanks again for the help. I’ve successfully updated to 5.3 now. However, no dice on saving the firmware signature shsh blob for it. Nothings works, not Seas0npass, not Tinyumbrella, nor backing up via atvflash. Others are having this problem too.

See this thread:

I’m going to restore to a clean, un-jailbroken 5.3 and then try saving the shsh blob using Seas0pass or TinyUmbrella (or iFaith).