4.0.7 next few days ?


the atvflash-site shows since 2/10 update will be available “next few days” … (today it’s the 19th)

what means this exactly ?!

That they will release an update as soon as it is ready, and they were expecting it to be within the “next few days”.

They probably have some issue that has not yet been solved, but when they do they will release.

Just be patient, and I am sure they will release within the “next few days”. :wink:

There will be new release shortly. In the meantime an update for Couch Surfer Pro is available through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu for those that have already updated to 3.0.2.

today is the 24th !

still no 4.0.7 …

As long as it hits before the 1st of March and fixes the Flash issue, I’ll be happy and renew the service, otherwise I’m done with it. I’ve been unable to use the best parts of this since the last update when Flash stopped working correctly, and no I don’t want to deal with the propellor head fix, I paid for this to be scripted.

I just hope that the ftp to the external HD gets fixed.

hi atvflash

what goes on ?!
“few” days are gone and nothing happened …

please don’t forget, that i (we) payed for your app !

and: why does’nt you give information ?!

Version 4.1 was released today with 3.0.2 compatibility as well as many other added features.