4.0.6-TV Composite display : cannot install TVComposite.kext


I just bought the ATv Flash 4.0.6, I did successfully install it on my Apple Tv. However I couldn’t install the TVComposite.kext module. I’m stuck in the downloading and installation process. I waited 5 minutes with no update on screen then went to the “Kernel Extension Manager” but found no “TVComposite.kext” :(. I tried to download the PAL & NTSC files. My display is currently configured at 476i.

I’ve tried to read all threads related to this TV Composite extension but with no luck on how fixing my issue.

Thanks for any hint,


OK so I’m answering to myself. I had to install Combo 10.4.9 and then the installation of kext module is made possible… After that I chose to create a Startup Item from the TVComposite.kext and restart the Apple Tv… Color is here ! :stuck_out_tongue:

See you soon (I’m a total newbie)…

Yes, the Smart Installer will be required. Glad it’s working. :slight_smile:

The installer restarts the ‘Finder’ while a complete reboot of the system is required to see the effects.
(had to unplug the power cord)