4.0.5 - please provide 'Update' step-by-step guide

Can someone from ATV Flash please give a step-by-step guide to updating ATV Flash for newbies?

I’ve just got an email that 4.0.5 is available and can be updated through ‘Maintenance/Update Plug-Ins’. But I’m not clear what to do there. I don’t see an option to ‘Update to 4.05’, but do see some of the Additional Plugins now have an ‘Update’ option, including, confusingly, ‘Maintenance’. Should I see something else? Should there be a new ‘VPN’ option?

Help please!

It’s easy. Just update everything you see an update for until all of them say installed.

Thanks for that Redrocker.

But I’m still not sure about this whole VPN thing. Do I have to install any of the VPN item - Hotspot Shield and Vine Server - under the ‘Install Extras’ sub-menu? I really appreciate all the great things that ATV Flash can do, but I think they assume a level of knowledge and familiarity that many people just don’t have.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the new update yet so I’m not really sure about the new vpn install. I don’t see anything around here in the forum referencing the new vpn yet. Just the mention of it in the change log, “Added VPN (OpenVPN) support”. Have you looked at this in the Knowlege Base? http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=VPN

I think all you need to do is install Hotspot Shield. I think Openvpn is a paid service. I may be wrong though.

These are not required. I have not installed them either.

I have the same problem I click on the ATVfiles to update and it says they are up to date.

I would also like a step by step guide on what to click on.

Navigate to the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu. Next to each item it will show a status of: Installed , Not Installed, or Update. Simply click any item that has the word ‘Update’ next to it.

Thanks guardianmax.

But what about the other questions - VPN etc. How does that work, and do I have to have installed one of the other VPN plug-ins? Also how does ‘Hotspot Shield’ work (or does it) with this update?

I think it would be really useful if you included such info (for newbies like me) in your Wiki.

BTW on a separate issue - I have two Apple TVs connected wirelessly to my network. A couple of days ago, before 4.0.5, one ATV began to have trouble syncing to my personal files on iTunes. I don’t usually move any files to the Apple TVs. This Apple TV became slightly sluggish and I noticed it was permanently attempting to sync to iTunes.

It had worked fine in the past, and I haven’t made any changes. I deselected it from the Apple TV devices in iTunes/Preferences, restarted everything with the Apple Remote ‘down arrow/Menu’ combo. Afterwards I tried to have iTunes ‘Find’ my Apple TV again, but it only sees the other one and not the one that was giving trouble. On the problem ATV the network signal strength looks to be fine, DHCP has the same address as before, but iTunes can’t see it. But it can still access the iTunes store, albeit a little slower than usual.

Any idea what the problem might be, or how I might go about solving it, short of a Factory Reset, updates, and reinstall of ATV Flash?


I am also a bit puzzled by this. I have tried to update every option, and I get confirmation that I am using the latest update. However when I look at the version number in ‘about’ it says ver 3.63

Whilst ATV flash has great potential, I do find this type of issue frustrating. I also have a major but intermitent problem accessing shares accross the network. Sometimes it works fine, other times I get an error message and I cannot access anything

I have the same issue, there is no update option.

If you have a 3.x version of aTV Flash installed, you are most likely running a 2.x version of AppleTV. aTV Flash 4.0.5 requires at least AppleTV 3.0 or later to be installed.

  1. Update AppleTV to 3.0.1 through Settings > Update Software menu (Note: Updates may need to be enabled through the Maintenance > Settings menu first).

  2. Install aTV Flash 4.0.5 via a USB drive.

  3. Once installed, future updates can be installed directly on the AppleTV through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

i have 4.0.3 and when I click Maintenance > Manage Plugins > ATV file i get a message saying that ATV is upto date.

Specifically how do i update from 4.0.3 without a factory restore > updating to Apple TV 3.02 then using the flash drive again. It is a lot of work to get all ATV flash installed again.


Guys we need answers within a reasonable time!!!

Which AppleTV software do you currently have installed? If you are still running AppleTV 2.x, you will need to update to AppleTV 3.0.1 then install aTV Flash using a USB flash drive.

IMHO, best way to do the update is to set up a flash stick from scratch… I tried differently, and had a couple of problems…