4.0.2 app. does not open

aTV Flash Version 4.0.2 released - Tuesday November 17, 2009 does not open. I have downloaded it twice so it does not seem to be a download error. Mac version. I am on a MacBook Pro system 10.5.

Are you able to open the downloaded dmg file?

I have the same problem. The update downloads but when I copy to my Apps. folder it shows as a greyed out ‘no entry’ style icon.

The .dmg file opens fine.

Hmmm. Does it work if you run it from a different location? Like the disk image?

I’ve tried running it from different locations - nothings happens. It seems I resolved the problem of the greyed out ‘no entry’ style icon (by making sure I did a clean install) but when I open aTV Flash nothing happens. It seems the app. is not opening properly. :expressionless:

It’s annoying really - 4.0.1 worked fine - exactly how it should (but then the ATV didn’t see the usb stick - but that’s another matter, over here: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2154)

There was an new build (still 4.0.2) with a minor change that was just uploaded. This version should resolve your issue. Please download this copy from the my account section and let us know if you continue to have problems.

Well, the new 4.02 worked and I made my USB drive without any problem, thanks for the update. The only thing now is that ATV ignores the USB drive, as I mentioned before here: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2154

I was thinking of doing a factory reset to see if that will help, but the main reason I signed up to aTV Flash in the first place was to recover all my data from my ATV! My iMac exploded recently and I lost a lot of photos and music, plus the stuff I downloaded directly to it from the Apple Store! :cry:

If the drive is not being recognized it is most likely a flash drive compatibility issue.

Do you have an alternate drive you can use?

I tried with another disk as you stated. It works fine. Downloaded and recognised the USB stick first time. Thanks for your help! :smiley:

Hi, I’ve downloaded the app twice and I get the same problem. When I run the app (Direct from DMG or after copied to apps folder) it just locks up. I look in the activity monitor and it says the app is not responding.

Any Ideas I’m running OSX 10.5.8 on the following hardware:

Model: Macmini1,1, BootROM MM11.0055.B08, 2 processors, Intel Core Duo, 1.83 GHz, 2 GB
Graphics: kHW_IntelGMA950Item, GMA 950, spdisplays_builtin, spdisplays_integrated_vram
Memory Module: global_name
AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x168C, 0x86),
Bluetooth: Version 2.1.9f10, 2 service, 0 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0
Serial ATA Device: ST9120821AS, 111.79 GB
Parallel ATA Device: MATSHITADVD-R UJ-85J
USB Device: Cruzer Titanium, (null) mA
USB Device: Drobo, (null) mA
USB Device: Turbo.264 HD, (null) mA
USB Device: NovaT 500Stick, (null) mA
USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, (null) mA
USB Device: IR Receiver, (null) mA

Which version of aTV Flash do you currently have? You can view the version by highlighting the app, and selecting ‘Get Info’ from the File menu.

Hi it is definitely 4.0.2. (906)
Sorry it took so long to reply, I didn’t get an email that you had posted.
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I’m having same issues…

version 4.0.2 app (907) - running on OSX 10.5.7 with an ATV software 3.0.1

like the others, the app doesn’t run - not a download issue.

please help

[quote="mattvitale"] I'm having same issues... version 4.0.2 app (907) - running on OSX 10.5.7 with an ATV software 3.0.1 like the others, the app doesn't run - not a download issue. please help [/quote]

The disk image will not open, a message pops up telling me it is not recognized.

As others have said it is not a download problem, downloaded twice with no apparent issues.

OS 10.5.7  TV version 4.02 just downloaded today.

It may be due to an incomplete download - try re-downloading or submit a support ticket and we can send an alternate link.