4.0.1 on 3.0.1

I finally managed to create a patchstick.

It boots off the patchstick. It shows the logo and then a lot of script. the last thing it shows me is found patchstick.sh

Then it just sits there. after several minutes the screen went black. I pulled the patchstick and repowered the atv.

it boots fine but there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the software. it behaves just like it did before. there are no extra menus.

what’s going wrong?

My tv was cutting off where it was actually hanging up. It stops at enbuntu login:

Any Ideas?

Sounds like a flash drive incompatibility issue. Do you have an alternate drive you can use?

I’ve tired another drive. 1st drive sandisk 4gb cruzer, (showed up on approved list.) and the 2nd drive lexar 1GB.

Both do the same thing an hang at the “penbuntu login:”

I zero erased both drives before making the patchstick.