3TB Drive

Will a 3TB external drive be recognized if it is partitioned into two 1.5TB sections?

Are you using HFS+ format?


I would be using HFS+ Format yes.  I just didnt know if it would recognize it, if it were partitioned into three 1TB sections. or two 1.5TB?

Currently 2TB is the max drive size. A 3TB drive formatted with 2 x 1.5TB partitions may work.

Has anyone tried this?  Im guessing the only way to find out is to go purchase it and see?

To anyone looking to do this, I just purchased a WD 3.0TB drive, formatted in windows 7 using MacDrive 8 to HFS.  it works perfectly in a non-partitioned, full 3.0 TB section.  On sale now at Best Buy for $149

Thanks for following-up. We'll have to look at this again...we never had any luck with any drives above 2TB.

I dont know if it matters or not, but Im using a powered USB hub directly attached to the aTV, then I have 3 drives attached to the Hub, two 1 TB, and the 3 TB.  All work perfectly.

A 3 TB HDD will be recognized by ATV Flash if formatted to HFS+

I posted this somewhere else but in case anyone is interested. I have been researching Hard drives for Gen 1 ATV bigger then 2 tb. I did not realize there was a max on these until after I had purchased a few 3 TB WD hds. What I learned is that though I could get the ATV to see the formatted 3TB HD, it could not make it a primary external HD. HOWEVER, I attached an old terabyte HD that had already been used as an external primary HD for the ATV, cloned it to the 3TB HD, plugged the 3TB in to the atv and started it as it would already be looking for the terabyte, and it worked perfectly and now reads 3 tb of storage. Just an FYI for anyone interested out there.



I used macdrive 9 trial to make a 3TB hsf+ partition on my WD drive and it worked perfectly. then just used cyberduck to transfer everything back over. cyberduck was slower than usb but it worked and thats what counts. with the mac partition on the external it seems that the ATV is actually working smoother.Note I tried 2TB, 1.5TB and 1TB fat32 partitions and none of this would work with the 3TB WD drive.

I am going to give this a whirl today.  I am getting a Mybook 3 TB Western Digital Drive.  I don’t care if it is the primary drive.  If I understand everyone correctly, I simply format it with HFS+ in 1 volume?  Thanks for any help.


Fellas, this has been giving me the fits for months, watching posts saying it works and FireCore saying that they cannot get it to work. Here is what I have found and I hope this helps. I used Macdrive 7 as well with my trusty WD 3TB My Book Essentials external drive with a USB connection, but it was insufficient to the task. MacDrive 9 offers u the opportunity to partition the drive as a GPT partition or a APT partition. If you do the former, as MacDrive 7 automatically did, it is invisible to ATV 1stGen. GPT partitions, however, are recognized immediately and I am happily transferring my mountain of content now. Thank God!


FireCore, in your lab use MacDrive 9 to partition a GPT partition and I think u will be happy with the results.


Exhausted, Devlin

OK …I spoke too soon.  I have no problem with ATV seeing th 3tb drive now, but when I try to change the storage to external, it says that is copying the media to the new drive and then hits me with a screen saying “Storage Change failed”. WTH?!  What does this mean and how do I get rid of it and move forward??


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