3rd Gen ATV & the new Jailbreak

Hey guys,

May be a silly question, but does the latest release seas0npass support the third generation apple tv?

Having some issues with jailbreaking, with iTunes saying that the firmware that SP created is not compatible.


no, only apple tv 2

why is there not a thread about atv 3?

Probably because at this time here is no jailbreak for the ATV3 or any credible rumours of one being shortly available.

Is this video and link for real?

[links removed]

Claims to have jailbroke ATV3, but the OS links at the bottom appears to be scams.


Just visited the links and the second one looks like a scam with the links on the page about winning an ATV3 but completing a couple surveys. The first link is a video done by a guy that usually does great tutorials but could be that someone just re-editied his ATV2 tutorial to say apple tv 3 the beginning.


Any Idea or conformation? 


Attention !!!

Attention !!!

This is a scam !!!

That is indeed a fake.

Links have been removed.