3rd gen Apple TV

When will “aTV Flash (black)” will be available to the 3rd gen Apple TV?  This is the only thing keeping me from buying.



The big problem is that currently there is no jailbreak for the ATV3, and no sign of one being available any time in the near future.

This is not good.  The website is promising people the new version when available and this may not be true.


Please don’t wait for Apple TV3 for the Jailbreak, but look around for OUYA or Android Box.

Why buy another box?  I already have an AppleTV and I like it.


I can play most files I create myself or find through file sharing sources through my unjailbroken ATV 3 using either iTunes, Air Video Server, or Plex Media Server via the Plex IPad/Iphone app and Airplay.

Further, more and more videos available via peer-to-peer sources are already in mkv or mp4 format so easily transferred to iTunes.

The only thing I would like acces to is a Flash capable browser but this is only for live sport streams. Frankly, at this point, I am not sure if I will jailbreak even if it one does become available for the ATV 3.


You can run Plex on ATV3 without a jailbreak ??  If so, is the interface better than the one on Roku ?

As I stated, I use the iOS version of Plex on my iPad or iPod Touch and then Airplay the media to my Apple TV 3 (so you need to be running Plex Media Server on your home computer). The interface is very clean and straightforward to use. I have not used Plex on a Roku so I couldn’t compare.

Haaaaaaaaaaa I see !!


Plex on Roku work’s like a charm but I prefer the user interface of the ios version.

Have you tried installing Plex to the AppleTv.


Install Plex on the Apple TV


It’s for ATV 2

To do Plex on an Apple TV that isn’t jailbroken, you could try this.

Plex Releases Client for Non-Jailbroken Apple TVs

Hooooooooooooooo Interesting !!!

Thanks for the heads up  !!