3D videos on Apple Vision Pro

Thanks for the update, James! Great to hear and excited to see what you guys come up with. Can you share any insight as to how Infuse might handle 3D video on the Vision Pro? It’s my understanding that the Vision Pro requires 3D video to be encoded as MV-HEVC, but almost all existing 3D content is in either frame-packed MVC (such as Blu-ray 3D discs) or side-by-side/over-under x264. Will Infuse be able to play either of these formats? Or will we have to find a way to first convert our 3D content to MV-HEVC?


That’s not something we’ve dug into yet, but chances are these would need to be converted to an Apple Vision friendly 3D format prior to playing them in Infuse if you want to retain the 3D content.

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Will it support 3d content?

If so, how? I mean will imposture from the surface of the virtual screen?

iPhone 15 Pro allows you to shoot spatial videos which would be able to be played in 3D on Apple Vision Pro, but it’s not clear at this time if there will be a way for other 3D formats to be supported.

Apple not allowing other formats that have been around for years would be absurd… and so on brand :rofl:

I found this video where this guy teaches how to edit spatial video using DaVinci Resolve.
Maybe getting both L+R decoded from a Blu-ray this will allow to-re-encode as spatial video.


I wrote a small tool for Apple Silicon Macs to create Vision Pro-compatible MV-HEVC files: GitHub - sturmen/SpatialMediaKit: Split a MV-HEVC file into separate left and right ProRes files.


I think the real value is for 3D video content to be able to play natively inside the glasses. I have no plan to buy the Vision Pro (not until it comes down to about half it’s current price).

There’s no reason that sbs or top bottom won’t play in AVP it supports all the same decoding standards as Apple TV/iPad and iOS and infuse can already play them all (except MV-HEVC) I assume the infuse iPad app will just play them on a floating screen until we get the native app

Looks like an Apple called moon spatial player has been approved for AVP and plays SBS. So we know it’s possible https://youtu.be/og-yEd4B-3g?si=FIgYT30CNOH6Xpyb

Infuse looking really great so far. That said, will Infuse support 3D or is Apple 3D guidelines too restrictive? Also, will theater modes be supported? Thanks for providing us the best video player for years!

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3D movies appear to play as 2D.
Is there a setting I’m missing, or are there plans to add 3D support for Vision Pro?

I moved your post to a currently running thread discussing this topic.

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No setting missing. AVP Infuse isn’t capable. Keep hoping.

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