3d video (mkv etc) support


Is there any 3d support (existing or planned) for apple tv app? It would be good especially to support fullhd 3d side by side video.

Thank you!

Infuse currently supports SBS and TAB 3D videos, though MVC 3D videos will be played in 2D until if/when HW support is added by Apple.

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Pls tell me how am I supposed to play sbs/tab? It just plays as 2d side by side. I am a new user, sorry, cannot find how to do that :wink: It just plays as 2d when I try to play it.

The 3D effect is actually handled by your TV. Some TVs have a dedicated button on the remote, but you may need to check how to activate 3D mode on your specific model.

Sure but I’m asking about 3d support in the Infuse itself.
The problem is, that my tv is not able to play full hd sbs content, just a half resolution (i.e. 1920*1080 for both frames). At the other hand, when I play bd on the hw player, my tv shows 3d without any conversion - it just switches to 3d mode and when I press 3d/2d button on the tv remote it shows 2d or 3d content. That’s what I want Infuse to do. Is it possible?

Wait, why can’t the media player just make an H-SBS 4K image out of the MVC data?

That would be just as good.


If Firecore can get 3D Frampacked ISO playback, this will hands down beat all other solutions and boxes. HD bistreaming with Atmos is on the way, so this would be the nail in the coffin for other boxes/solutions.

Apple TV 4K cannot send the Framepacked HDMI signal because Apple locked that part down.

What would be just as good though is if Infuse could just send a 4K video in HSBS of the 1080p 3D Bluray. On most 3D TVs, this will result in the same quality and it gets around the limitation imposed by Apple. Some of the people in this forum doubt that the hardware can do it. I think we should test it before making assumptions.

That’s a good idea, but I don’t think it would work quite the same. You would still be getting half side per eye instead of a full screen, no matter the resolution. Not only that, something like that I believe would take a lot more development than standard practices. It’s basically reinventing the wheel.

Yes, but at 4K a half side per eye is exactly the same amount of lines of resolution as on the Bluray. What would it take? It just sounds like resizing the underlying video. Resizing is nothing.

That side is still squashed, which aside from POSSIBLE loss in picture quality, no matter the perceived resolution, there would be ghosting which is inherent in SBS/OU.

It’s better than having no 3D.

I would love to see this until MVC support can be added.

I’d be interested in this as well! My PC now does 4K+HDR but no longer does frame-packed 3D (thanks Intel). I have a software player that takes a Blu-ray 3D ISO and renders the MVC at 4K, either as SBS (1920 x 2160 x 2) or TAB (3840 x 1080 x 2). I have to tell the TV what’s going on but it looks perfect.

However, I don’t know whether it’s possible to do that on the ATV4K, ie whether there’s enough CPU to decode and render both “eyes” of the MVC if Apple hasn’t made the right hardware acceleration available.

I don’t think we’re going to see this functionality due to a limitation in Apple TVs. I have resorted to re-encoding my 3D MVCs to 4K H-SBS files. I was hesitant at first about losing quality, but I did them at a high bitrate using H.265 and 10-bits. I’ve compared frame by frame and they look really great… much, much better than your standard 1080p H-SBS rips. I now have over 200x in my custom format.

I never thought about doing them into 4k. What did you use? DVDFab?

Yep, DVDFab Copy and Ripper. It’s a little pricey, but it’s a great app!