3D support

Firstly, great work on infuse for atv4. The experience is seamless, and almost all format play without trouble (including dolby digital pass through).

Any plans for frame sequential 3D support?

And put subtitles support for 3D movies too.


Moving to suggestions.

Any news about the introduction of 3D support in Infuse for Apple TV?

thx in advance

I bought today the application and unfortunately saw that does not have 3D subtitles support :frowning: Any prevision?


is 3d video (and subs) support at least on board??

3D MVC support for .m2ts and .mkv would be an awesome addition. I currently have 3D MVC rips in .m2ts files that play flawlessly served from Plex to my Samsung f series bluray player.
Infuse for AppleTV 4 plays the same file flawlessly served from Plex but only in 2D.
3D enthusiasts are faced with expensive ,complicated setups to play frame packed MVC video.
AppleTV 4—Plex-----Infuse4 would be an awesome ,easy,reliable setup!

Keep up the good work!


I understand the tvos menu and subtitle don’t look right with 3D activated on Infuse. But I seem to be able to view the actual movie in SBS 3D just fine with Infuse on ATV4.

Are you guys just requesting to add 3D support for the Infuse menu and subtitle? or is 3D not working for you on the actual movie video itself too?

Asking for 3d support since they don’t list it as a feature

Subtitles on 3D movies support request.

SBS 3D is only 1/2 resolution .it squeezes the 2 frames( left eye and right eye) into one 1080p frame.your tv stretches out each 1/2 of the 1080p frame creating your 3D image. Somewhat acceptable on a smaller screen, but still only half the resolution of 1080p.

Bluray MVC (frame packing) is 2 separate frames ,one for each eye. Meaning full 1080p to each eye.There is a huge difference.
A 3D SBS movie looks like hell on my 110" screen.

So… What are you asking for dude?

I’m pretty new with 3D - Isn’t 3D video pretty much a video file that you can stream through any DLNA or streaming device like ATV4, so there’s no additional conversion that needs to be done until the data reaches the 3D TV itself?

I tried these 2 methods to stream 3D SBS video to my 3D TV.

  1. streaming a 3D SBS movie from my NAS to Infuse on ATV4.
  2. copied movie file to a USB thumb drive and plugged it directly into the 3D TV and played the movie from there.

I felt both video looked pretty much identical in 3D video quality. I’m just wondering if I’m streaming 3D incorrectly, don’t want to mess up my eyes by watching screwed up 3D videos.

I,m looking for MVC sequential 3D support.Exactly the same format that a 3 d player uses from a 3D Blu-ray Disc.

I can play SBS format the same as you, any player can play them .If you look at the picture without turning 3D on , you will see 2 images squashed onto the screen. This is one 1080p picture containing the feed for both eyes. Your tv when switched to 3D will expand each half and then alternate left to right. This is half resolution 540 p for each eye . The quality sucks on a big screen. Unwatchable on a 110" screen .Somewhat ok on my 55" tv ,but still no where near the quality.

Frame packing ( sequential) MVC is a completely differen format, each eye has its own 1080p image. Exactly what is on a 3D bluray. These 2 full res images are then alternated left to right by your tv.If you play a 3D bluray to compair to your SBS file,you will absolutely see the difference and likly will no longer be satisfied with the SBS format.

For comparison a bluray ripped to x264 SBS usually runs 8-12 gig. A 3d bluray ripped as is will be approx 45 gig.No compression, no loss of resolution.

You are playing your SBS files correctly.You won’t screw up your eyes,but the lack of resolution, the extra blurrinses caused as a a result,the loss of sharpness and the additional ghosting between the 2 images is what makes it uncomfortable for a lot of people to watch because it’s harder to focus your eyes.The discomfort is all but gone with the MVC format.
There are some people that find 3D hard to watch in any format.

I will also add that MVC is backwards compatible. If you turn 3D off on your tv , it will only play the left eye feed so you can watch in 2d.
If you do the same with a SBS file ,you will see 2 pictures on your screen.

Ok Drumm, you made me want MVC secuencial 3D support too!
C’mon James!!

Thanks Drumm!

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MVC appears to only be in ISO format. I’m not sure if any media players can play ISO format. Isn’t ISO format suppose to be burned on DVD/Blu-ray?

May I ask for a technical confirmation. I assume, 3D (frame-packed) requires a 24P-signal mandatory. Let’s say I reverse the 3:2-pulldown (applied by ATV4) using such devices as the Decimator MD-HX, to send a “restored” 24P-signal from the ATV4 to my TV / projector. In such a case, if Infuse just passes the video-signal through, 3D (frame-packed) should work. Correct? Setup: ATV4 >>>>> Decimator MD-HX >>>>> TV / projector