Do you have to do anything special to play 3D H-SBS movies with Infuse (maybe file naming?)?

I have the ATV 4K and 3D compatible equipment. 3D from my Blu-ray player plays fine.

Yes, the easiest way to do this is to simply ensure the ‘H-SBS’ text is included in the filename. This will allow Infuse to adjust things so everything appears correctly once your TV switches into 3D mode.

Thank you.

Hmmm, can’t get this to work.

I have named the movie: movie name (2018) H-SBS.mkv

Is that correct? It just plays the movie with the two frames side by side, no 3D.

With SBS/TAB 3D video you will need to manually put your TV into 3D mode in order for the 3D video to be rendered correctly.

Unfortunately, the Apple TV won’t be able to enable 3D mode for your automatically.

Sure, I did of course enable 3D SBS mode on my projector, but still no joy :frowning:

Strange thing is that my projector actually recognizes that it is a 3D signal (otherwise the 3D menu on the projector isn’t enabled), but the movie is just played with the two frames side by side.

Using my blu-ray player as the 3D source, everything works fine.

James, what effect does putting H-SBS in the filename make Infuse do special?

I can play 3D SBS films whether or not it has that in the filename, and I always have to manually put the projector into SBS mode (actually I don’t expect it to auto switch but it would be great if it could be made to do so).

I thought it might tag the movie metadata to say it is a 3D movie and display that on the film description page … but no.

Or maybe, when watching a 3D film and you bring up the information menu, the progress bar or display subtitles they would be readable while in 3D mode, but no.

Besides that, i would like to know if infuse is able to display subtitles for a 3d movie. I just downloaded a subtitle, changed from .srt to .ass copy it to the same folder with the same name of the movie, but when i switch to 3d on my tv, the subs are showed incorrectly, am i missed something ?

Great app by the way !!!

You shouldn’t change the srt to ass, since those are completely different subtitle formats. Just leave it as srt.

Thanks !! I totally missed the right menu option “3d mode”

Shame on me.

Well, I have tried everything now. Infuse / ATV 4K simply refuses to output a 3D movie in a format my projector/TV can understand :frowning:

Playing the same 3D movies from my blu-ray player - or even on my old mede8er media box - 3D works perfectly.

Just to clarify, adding text like ‘H-SBS’ to the filename will allow normal 2D subtitles to be displayed in 3D, so they appear correctly. Alternatively, you can adjust the 3D setting found in the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu.

The video itself isn’t changed by Infuse, and the correct processing of changing this 2 pane video into a single plane 3D video is done by the TV. Unfortunately, Infuse isn’t able to send any metadata regarding 3D from the Apple TV to your TV, so switching to 3D mode will need to be handled manually. The process for switching to the correct 3D mode will vary by TV model, so you may need to check the documentation for your particular TV.

As written, I do switch my projector/TV manually to 3D SBS, but it still won’t show it as 3D.

Anyone who can confirm that they had success watching 3D H-SBS movies using ATV 4K/Infues?

Yes, I have no problem watching H-SBS movies when I manually switch my projector into SBS mode.

Just to confirm that whatever you are trying to play is encoded as H-SBS … when you play them do you have the picture displayed in the left half of the screen and a duplicate picture in the right half of the screen when you have your display device in normal mode? If not then your movie is not a H-SBS 3D movie.

Yes, I have ripped them in h-sbs and it displays as a left/right picture.

I have played the same rips using my old mede8er 3D media player and then 3D works as it should. It is only with the ATV 4k/Infuse that it doesn’t work.

Could it have anything to do with the resolution/frame rate setup of the ATV 4K? I have it set to 1080p 24hz and match frame rate.