3D problem

When I play 3D files, I get either side by side or top-bottom picture displayed. The TV refuses to go into 3D mode. The same is true using VLC. I bought the pro version of Infuse hoping to fix the issue. I can use the file program on the TV itself and the files play properly but the app on the TV lacks good subtitle control.

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Generally, you will need to trigger 3D mode on your TV manually for SBS and TAB 3D content, as the Apple TV is not capable of sending any 3D related metadata when playing these videos.

That’s the problem. On the TV, I can select AUTO which does nothing. Selecting SIDE bySIDE or TOP-BOTTOM, as appropriate, does nothing. The TV shows as set to AUTO and doesn’t enter 3D mode.

I figured out how to make Infuse play 3D files on ATV4K. You have to manually change the ATV4K to 1080P SDR. Setting 1080P alone isn’t enough. It is a pain but it does work.

What I have done is convert my 3D ISOs into 4K SBS MP4 files using DVDFAB as suggested on this forum.
The ATV is then showing a 4K picture and my LG TV has no trouble going into 3D mode by pressing the 3D button on the remote.
Subtitles are an issue that i’ll need to fine tune so I just burn in the forced subtitles only. Now I have a faster machine I should be able to dial them in better.

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