3d not working

I ripped some of my 3d movies and they worked well on my old e6 55" a couple of weeks ago.
Today I got a e6 65" and now 3d doesn’t work?

If I try in Plex It works fine.

Doesn’t Infuse support 3d anymore?

By "doesn’t work " do you mean won’t play at all or doesn’t play in 3D?

Ah Sorry. Yes i doesnt play at all. All Black screen

Did they play in Infuse before? What type of file are you trying to play?

It almost sounds as if there’s a setting between the two TVs that is off. Do you still have the 55" to try?

Well it must have been some temp fault. When I tried again the next day I worked like it used to:). No problems now. Weird -it worked fine In Plex, but nothing happened when I tried in infuse

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