3d no fullscreen and list m3u

I have a problem with some 3d mkv files, and that is that the image does not play in fullscreen. I would like to know how to solve this problem. I would also like to know if INFUSE can play files hosted on m3u lists.

Is this affecting all of these files, or just a few?

If you are able to send in a sample file we can review here it may help us track down and resolve what is going on here.

Regarding not being the fullscreen 3D is due only to some files, not all. If I test them with players on the PC they are displayed in full screen. And regarding the files in m3u lists, I have not tried them because I do not know where they can be added.

I believe that James was asking if you could upload one of the files that doesn’t display correctly.

As to the m3u issue, James just responded to another user on that XSPF / M3U Support