3D MVC in MKV?

Hello all,

I would like to buy the firecore solution and an Apple TV to allow me to watch my library:
Including 4K movies, x265, and… 3D MVC movies stored in MKV container.

I checked your forum, old posts are telling things about 3D MVC, but finallly… I don’t know if I can see that with an Apple TV (which one ? 4K ? Hd ?..)

Thank you for your experience

If you’re going to buy an Apple TV don’t get anything other than the 4K version (or if a new one is announced that’s faster by the time you purchase) The 4K does far better with the x265 compression, it’s faster processor makes the menu navigation better and many other pluses.

Hi, atv, no matter if it is 4K or not, can not produce an original 3D image. It can playback 3d files, but only as a 2d picture. You could playback sbs or hou files, if your tv or Beamer can put this together as a 3D file.
I am using an old mede8er for watching 3D. But this does not happen very often anymore.

Thank you very much. I will not buy Apple TV nor Firecore: I want see all my 3D movies. In 3D :blush:

What player are you using now, to play your 3D files?

  • Why are you thinking I have a player now ? I didn’t say that.
  • I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Kodi, to read 3D MVC in MKV and lot of things, but can’t play 4K with
  • I have a Pi4 with Kodi, to read 4K, but can’t play 3D MVC MKV with
  • I “had” a Vero 4K but firmware to allow 3D MVC is beta one, and I have an hardware problem on it (c’est la vie).

…why ?

Hi, sorry for my imprecise question.
So the pi is your system for playing back 3D.

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