3D MVC files?


Before purchasing Infuse (for Apple TV 4K), I would like to know if Infuse can play 3D MVC files (…in 3D :slight_smile: ). Of course, my TV is ok, my question is about Infuse itself.

Thank you for your reply.

Nope. Apple doesn’t support frame packed 3D. If you want 3D support you’ll need a player such as one from Zidoo


Thank you @JarvisMeier for your reply, but that’s not exactly my question. Let’s move a bit : “Before purchasing Infuse (for a device which supports 3D MVC), I would like to know if Infuse can play 3D MVC files (…in 3D :slight_smile: ). Of course, my TV is ok, my question is about Infuse itself.”

As I wrote previously, my question is about Infuse itself.

3D MVC files will play in 2D.

Unfortunately, Apple devices do not support passing 3D data to your TV, so Infuse is limited in what it can do here.

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…OK, please FORGOT Apple device. Please FORGOT the device.

My question (I made a new post to be able to have an answer, because you moved this one to “Apple TV”, but it looks like my “new” message has disappeared : I’ll post it again now) is about Infuse. I shouldn’t have wrote “Apple TV”.

Thank you.

Ok, I guess I’m not fully understanding your question.

Infuse is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. None of these devices will allow for 3D data to be passed to your TV, so the video output you see will always be regular 2D.

If you have other 3D video types (EG Side-by-Side/Top-and-Bottom) these can be passed from Infuse to your TV, as there is no special metadata required.

It’s amazing how you delete my “video playback” question as if my question was only on “Apple” devices, while I wrote it several times.

I don’t care about the device. Some software can play 3D MVC, some cannot, on devices that can. For example, some versions of Kodi were ok for 3D MVC, others were not, on the same device (for example, a Raspberry Pi3+). Is that clearer?

I’ll end up thinking my question is annoying: it’s not a big deal to say that Infuse can’t read 3D format.

If you navigate to a 3D MVC video in Infuse and hit play it will work. You will see a 2D picture and hear sound on your TV.

Since Infuse is only available for Apple devices, the limits Apple has in place will apply and unfortunately there isn’t a way for us to work around these.

I hope this helps.

You can’t forget the device because ALL players that run on apple hardware are limited to the playback capabilities of the hardware. It’s like asking if gas can be used in a Tesla but asking to ignore the fact it’s an electric vehicle.

No app can play 3D MVC as 3D on apple hardware. They might work on other hardware but since infuse isn’t available for android/Linux/windows then it’s limited to the playback abilities of apple devices.

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